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BS dregree in Accounting and Business Administration at Portland State University 2003.

EA Certificate in 2009 - Licensed to represent taxpayers before IRS

Over decade of experience in Accounting through Oregon Historical Society Org.(OR).
Experience in Internal Auditing and Consulting through WildCat Machine & Manufacturing Co.(OR), and Dover Pacific Co.(OR).
Experience in Taxes through serving Inviduals & Business Tax, and Bookkeeping from A.A.P.T Service.(OR), H&R Block Inc.(CA), and Allied Accounting & TAX Services (CA). Also, through leading VITA & TCE tax preparers.

Specially, I am helping New Business. Also, I am serving small businesses and independent contractors for full bookkeeping, and taxes through Allied Accounting & Tax Services in Sacramento, California.

Marian Loan Pham
B.A. Accounting & Tax Specialist.
EA. #94758

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